new version(v3) of ppp patch implementing PEAP-MS-CHAP v2

Yesterday our admins updated our RRAS server, and it looks like PEAP protocol slightly changed.

Here is the new patch for PPP 2.4.7 that allows you to connect to MS RRAS via PEAP VPN

First of all some changes should be done on RRAS server, you need to configure the EAP Payload Size and set MTU to 1344. EAP doesn't support fragmentation per RFC but Microsoft implemented EAP fragmentation, however PPP daemon doesn't support it, and will discard packets that are large than MRU MTU negotiated during LCP

Patch itself:

Also you will need gnutls-dev package

patch modifies default setup location, from /usr/local to /usr so make sure you run a proper pppd

here is some part of config for peer: 

 and chap file 
# client server secret IP addresses * password * 

 if you specify a login in different manner(without @) you'll get a segmentation fault