ppp patch implementing PEAP-MS-CHAP v2

Here is the patch that implements PEAP(type 25) support to ppp linux daemon
Tested with 2008R2 Microsoft RAS server
Applied to 2.4.5 ppp
Thanks to wpa_supplicant(tls impl.) and wireshark creators(tls disect), some part of code was taken from there

patch itself:

patch modifies default setup location, from /usr/local to /usr
so make sure you run a proper pppd

here is some part of config for peer:
name login@domain.com
remotename login@domain.com

and chap file
# client        server  secret                  IP addresses
login@domain.com * password *

if you specify a login in different manner(without @) you'll get a segmentation fault, I didn't have much time to implement proper error checking, so it's like a band aid =).


vSphere Events

Working on new version of vSphere events, new design, and few more features!!

IIHF Russia vs Slovakia 6:2

Russia is back on top of the hockey world. Unbeaten from wire to wire, Russia got a dominating performance from its NHL superstars to defeat underdog Slovakia 6-2 in Sunday’s gold medal game at Hartwall Arena.
How do you like them apples? =)

Spy Recorder


This small app can record the calls, sms, or simply start recording when you want it to, control is done via special formatted SMS. Victim won't see special SMS messages.

When recording is done, you will get an email with mp4 file.